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The beautiful maptiles
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Warrior Thread Monk

Joined: 19 Dec 2003
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Location: IndY OHR

PostPosted: Fri Jan 09, 2004 10:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

U guys are just helping keep this MEGAold topic alive

Anyway I thnk I figured it out. You can either import a awsome map from your paint program or you can cut tiles from a imported screen shot. As how to get import stuff into hero and walkabout graphix I'm still lost..
Indy OHR! and National OHR Month Contest going on now!

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Ronin Catholic
Deadliest of Fairies

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 12, 2020 2:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This quote from Fenrir is really good and has always stuck in my mind when it comes to learning or teaching game making.

Fenrir-Lunaris wrote:
Step 1: Make horribly sprited newbie game. Finish it. Beginning to end. Don't just drop it, make it actually able to be beat. Aim for 2-3 hours of playtime.

Yours: Legend of Cale
My equivalent: Wolf's Quest, original lost version of Trytuges

Fenrir-Lunaris wrote:
Step 2: Make another newbie game, except try to use plotscripting if possible, and try to do well at least on your walkabouts, hero graphics, and some weapon attack graphics. Finish this game as well, from beginning to end. Make sure it can be beat as well, without dropping it for another game. Try to make it about 5 hours long, if possible.

Yours: Legend of Cale 2? Timestream Saga?
My equivalent: Probably put Densetsu no Okami, remake of Wolf's Quest

Fenrir-Lunaris wrote:
Step 3: Screw over making your own maptiles and enemy graphics. Rip. Do all your own hero graphics, attack animations, weapon graphics, walkabouts, and go heavily on the plotscripting if possible. Aim for a good 12-15 hours of playtime, and be sure this game is beatable as well. Add multiple subquests, puzzles, etc.

Yours: Timestream Saga? FFH?
My equivalent: Nintendo Quest (again, abandoned instead of finished) and my own failed remake(s) of FF1 and Dragon Warrior fan games

Fenrir-Lunaris wrote:
Step 4: Remake a famous RPG on the NES, Genesis, or an obscure japanese console. Go for a professional look to everything, with your own walkabouts, heroes, attacks, etc, but do the same as the last game and rip enemies and maptiles. Finish this game.

Yours: FFH, definitely
My equivalent: Moron Mission Ha ha ha!

Fenrir-Lunaris wrote:
Step 5: Do a whole bunch of smaller games and hire out your walkabout skills to other OHRers. Do plenty of enemy graphics, since now you'll be good at them. Your maptiles mysteriously will have improved as well.

Then you shall be as good as I am.

Yours: Arcadia Incident Report, Xmas War, Spooks & Summons, Lustyrinthe, No More Villains
My equivalent: No Eat, Weegee, Karrible, Trytuges, Snake Hallway, OHRodents, A Quest, TutOHRial, Vore Day RPG

I've definitely gotten better about finishing games but for a decade and some change, I've always had this thread at the back of my mind. And the discipline of releasing finished games always helps keep momentum up and makes the next project easier to finish.

Heck, even my failed projects often have considerable amounts of graphics in them I can salvage for later works (A Newbie's Quest, Maces Wild, and Inbred Crystal: The Lost Levels especially).

Me wrote:
You forgot "draw thousands of furry pr0n pics."

Drawing non-sprite art in general helps you develop an eye for visual balance and anatomy that improves your pixel art, and color conservation required on pixel art helps you understand dithering, shading, and color theory for bigger pieces even if you don't know the official terms.

Rinku wrote:
"That and almost nobody is willing to play a single OHR game for 15 hours. "

objection: wingedmene is just about exactly 15 hours long, and it's only 25% finished. and from its position (current and previous) in the top 30s, i think people are playing it.

Counter argument: Wingedmene is a frustrating slog of a game with a sub-mediocre storyline and is way too long for its own good. People played it because it didn't glitch out and become literally unplayable and the graphics were pretty; considering Fantasy Under a Blue Moon X and Ends of the Earth 2 used to also be popular...
"I didn't start the flame war;
I don't know what you thought here
'Twas that way when I got here"

"I didn't start the flame war;
I can't understand a word you're saying
nor the game you're playing~"
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