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Haven City
Game is in production
Download: 5.82 MB Added Wed Jul 24, 2019 10:10 am
Total Download count: 354
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Number of ratings: 2
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Description [-]
My overly ambitious attempt to create a miniature game similar to GTA I / II only with furries and of course vore. Focus shifted to the story after the main city maps were done, with the free roam mechanics currently on hold for later. The end goal includes mechanics for buying and driving vehicles, renting your own apartments, befriending the residents of the city, and more.

You play as the son of a famous detective working with the government. You've been tasked with investigating the disappearances of multiple humans on a furry island known as Haven City. The humans long suspected that visitors are being kidnapped and drowned into the ocean... a hypothesis that may turn out to be metaphorically close to the truth. Your goal is to befriend and extract information from their leader: A giant female wolf who runs the city from her nightclub. Humanity has been trying to invade and retake the city for years, and your findings could offer them the perfect excuse to do so: It all comes down to what you discover and who you decide to side with.

This demo was last updated on August 2018. The game is approximately 10% complete, many elements are unfinished and it's only partly playable. It contains several NSFW elements. It uses assets remixed by me from the art offered by Fenrir Lunaris, and is fully licensed under the PD / CC0 license: You are free to redistribute this project, as well as to fork and use it as a basis for your own game.

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