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The Local Gods
Game is in demo stage
Download: 5.94 MB Updated Sat Apr 07, 2018 9:34 pm
Total Download count: 329
Number of reviews: 0
Average Grade: N/A
Description [-]
'The Local Gods' is an RPG set in a mythical ancient Greek world. Play as Cleanthes, a boxer/philosopher (loosely based on actual historical figures), as he tries to find his missing father. This demo takes about 4 hours to complete, and includes 4 charactrers, 2 bosses, tons of spells, a good storyline, and original music and art (Don't tell SHRIEKBACK that I covered one of their songs, though...ok? :-)). There are still some minor kinks to tweek out in this game (the intro is a little bit wack, for instance, and some of the items don't work correctly), but here it is. This game is almost 10 years in the making!

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