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Castle Paradox
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Densetsu no Okami
Ronin Catholic
Game is in demo stage
Download: 1.06 MB Updated Mon Feb 18, 2008 1:36 pm
Total Download count: 188
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Number of ratings: 1
Average rating: 2.0000
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Description [-]
One day the mighty blue-furred wolfman, Akira No-Dachi, makes it to the top of the tower where the Dark Lord dwells. Akira defeats the abomination, and returns to his elven wife.

One thousand and five years later, nobody suspects that the Dark Lord will rise again(because he's five years late). King Rex de Peridot's daughter gets captured by some doom cult that wants to sacrifice her, so he offers a reward for her safe return.

Wolf McClaymore, a descendant of Akira, shows up. Why? Because he's the only hero poor and weak enough to think it worth his time.

This game features:
- Purportedly humorous dialogue
- A handful of textboxes that change conditionally when some characters are dead
- Sound effects

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