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"Drendaloria" Preview (Old! Download 'Drendaloria' instead) by Artimus Bena

It began with a simple children's tale. And now the man called Reldrin, along with his foul empire, must be undone.

Estimated date of completion:
Got me. It will be an abridged version of a story five years in the making, and I'm putting all the creativity I have and knowledge I have gained into this. Could take a year. If I can find a few dedicated, badass flash animators to work with, I may plan a movie of sorts. The likeliness of this is yet to be seen, and doubtful to begin with, but it would be cool, no?.

Parts presented in this preview:
Note: Part titles and arrangement may change before release.
*Part...I: The Plight. - Title music
*Part..II: How Long? - The calm of Drendora does not settle well with Artimus Bena, a mere student of the blade.
*Part III: Battle of Drendora. - In the black of night, a shrouded army of menacing invaders sneak into the city. A desperate battle in the dark unfolds in the unprepared stronghold.

Preview: Play Count: 694
Number of Ratings: 3 Average Rating: 2.3333

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