HamsterSpeak #14 Online - Mon Mar 31, 2008 3:42 pm

We've got an art-heavy issue this month, with two multi-page comics, two drawings, and a series of 3D renderings. We've also got reviews of a whole lot of terrible games, so this issue may upset our more sensitive readers.


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Server Downtime - Wed Apr 16, 2008 10:56 pm

Hi All,

My house is currently undergoing some renovations and major Spring Cleaning. We are refurbishing many of the rooms and re-painting in the process. As a result, the painters and contractors have been unplugging things like CP's DSL modem while moving furniture around. The room in which the DSL modem resides is being painted tomorrow, April 17th, so downtime is expected. We will also be putting down new flooring next Monday, April 21st. Expect CP downtime most of the day. Hopefully the last of the downtime will be much shorter when the new desk and cabinet arrives. I may be able to setup this new furniture without unplugging the DSL modem.

Sorry for the downtime.


Inferior Minion

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Hamster Speak #13 online - Fri Feb 29, 2008 7:04 pm

We've got reviews of Escape from Darkavern and Fatal Maze, a Halloween Quest 3 update, an article on difficulty vs challenge, two plotscripts, and two comics! Kenecchi's Magnus comic is the first of what is hopefully a longer series, and is five pages long. This comic is plot driven rather than just a series of gags/community references (though it's still funny), so it should be enjoyable by all with the gift of sight and ability to read English!


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HamsterSpeak #12 Online - Fri Feb 01, 2008 3:05 pm

This month we have a couple of reviews, another look at Halloween Quest 3, an article on making bad games, and most importantly, an eight-part super feature by Pepsi Ranger! It may seem a bit intimidating, but I highly recommend reading through the entire thing, especially newer users. Knowledge for everybody!


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RELEASE: OHRRPGCE 2008-01-21 Voxhumana - Mon Jan 21, 2008 11:27 am

Yep, new <a href="">release</a> time!

Whatsnew.txt wrote:
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Jan 21 2008 [voxhumana]

  * New Features
    * Attack bitset 'Do not chain if attack fails' [Mike Caron]
    * Equip screen displays the number by which a stat will change [James]
    * -s pixel smoothing now works with all bit depths, not just 8-bit
      [Reaxor Jones]
    * Attack bitsets to disable specific target slots now work for enemies
      also [James Paige]
    * Attacks can have preferred default targets based on factors such as
      distance or strongest stat or weakest stat [James Paige]
    * Customizable main menus. [James Paige]
    * New attack bitset "Cancel target's attack" [James Paige]
    * A hero for hire in a shop can (optionally) be given a specific
      experience level [James Paige]
    * New, customizable enemy dissolving styles [Mike Caron]
    * Tag name editor lets you browse tags at a glance, rather than
      searching for them by tag number [James Paige]
    * Browse for tags from any menu that takes tag numbers by pressing
      enter or space on the tag [James Paige]
    * Most (but not all) user interface colors in Game and Custom can now
      be customized. Each master palette has its own set [Simon, James]
    * User Interface color editor. [James Paige]
    * In the door link editor, you can see a preview of each doorlinks
      when you browse the list of doorlinks. [James Paige]
    * Door link editor only shows the links that are actually used [James]
    * Press Enter on a door in door-placement mode to go directly to the
      doorlink editor for that door. (only works on the first link for
      doors multiple conditional destinations) [James Paige]
    * Enemies can have a death sound effect. [James Paige]
    * TeeEmCee's pretty mini-map from the map-resize menu is now used for
      all mini-map drawing [Ralph, James]
    * General bitset to disable pressing ESC to run from battle [James]

  * Bugfixes
    * Temporary map state was not being deleted when exiting to the title
      screen, meaning maps set to remember state would be in an unexpected
      state from a previous game. deletemapstate was also broken.
      [Ralph Versteegen]
    * Fixed bug 257 "Mute status effect broken for enemies" [James Paige]
    * Fixed bug 5 "First Target attacks can hit targets besides the first"
      [James Paige]
    * Fixed bug 476, off-by-one-error in "set victory music" [James Paige]
    * Fixed bug 484 "Do not show spell lists if empty" was only working in
      battle for the first spell list [James Paige]
    * Having an after-battle script would prevent fightformation from
      returning the correct battle result [Ralph Versteegen]
    * More NPC activation/pushing over map edge fixes [Ralph Versteegen]
    * Fixed bug 237, "Stun Attacks Cancel Actions"
      (Old stun attacks will continue to work the same thanks to the
      "Cancel target's attack" bitset) [James Paige]
    * Fixed bug 473, "Shop data doesn't persist" [James Paige]
    * Fixed bug 330, "Pushed npcs are obstructionless" for new games.
      Old games can get the fix in the general game bitsets menu by turning
      off the "Simulate pushed NPC obstruction bug" bitset. Do this
      with caution if your game uses pushed-NPC puzzles that rely on
      overlapping NPCs [James Paige]
    * Fixed bug 21, "If you save on a door, you will go through the door
      when you load" [James Paige]
    * Outside-battle attacks that target only dead heroes no longer
      work on the first hero slot when no dead heroes are present
      [James Paige]
    * Attacks with target class "Enemy" are usable on allies
      outside battle if the "Usable outside battle" bitset is ON
      [James Paige]
    * Life spells/items that are not allowed to target live heroes are
      no longer usable on a hero who you just revived. [James Paige]
    * Fixed bug 553, "Cancelling level MP attack in battle still uses
      cost for that turn" [James Paige]
    * Input string actually works now! [Ralph Versteegen]
    * Fixed bug 576 incorrect camera movment and vanishing hero when
      using "focus camera" close to the top or left edge of a map

  * New Plotscripting Commands
    * get victory music
    * outside battle cure

  * Stuff only Developers Will Notice
    * BattleStats UDT [James Paige]
    * New sprite paradigm (currently used in battle) [Mike Caron]
    * A lot of minor clean up in many places

James Paige

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