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NQM&M - Dungeons and Bosses (NEED IDEAS)

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 02, 2011 8:45 pm    Post subject: NQM&M - Dungeons and Bosses (NEED IDEAS) Reply with quote

Okay, so I need ideas for dungeon and boss names. I've currently got placeholder names in my plans, but I don't like most of them. Each of the Dungeons (except for Joker's Tomb and Cracks of Time) has two bosses.

Red Joker (Joker's Tomb, gives Red Card)
Yellow Joker (Joker's Tomb, gives Yellow Card)
Blue Joker (Joker's Tomb, gives Blue Card)
Judge Quartz (Joker's Tomb, gives Empty Card)
Fear Knight (Skull Keep, gives Noble Sword)
Phantom Knight (Skull Keep Revisited, gives Master Sword)
Ancient Beast (Ancient Gardens, gives Pistol)
Ancient Golem (Ancient Gardens Revisited, gives Blaster)
Bludran (Bolt Tower, gives Guard Axe)
Orlando (Bolt Tower Revisited, gives Orlando Axe)
Drill Mech (Railway Cave, gives Sledgehammer)
Fallen Lich (Railway Cave Revisited, gives Mjolnir)
Gryphoon (Gale Cliffs, gives Wind Knives)
Talona (Gale Cliffs Revisited, gives Sun Knives)
Living Spinel (Volcano Mines, gives Spinel Shield)
Unyielding Spinel (Volcano Mines Revisited, gives Epoch Shield)
Dread Warriors (Desert of Sorrow, give Liberty Spear)
Dread Captains (Desert of Sorrow Revisited, give Justice Spear)
Wild Morpher (Morph Jungle, gives Morph Cane)
Don (Morph Jungle Revisited, gives Ancient Cane)
Terrax (Corlagon's Estate, gives Power Staff)
Corlagon (Corlagon's Estate Revisited, gives Arcana Staff)
Devil Rat (Sandstone Ruin, gives Rising Gloves)
Demon Wildcat (Sandstone Ruin, gives Moss Gloves)
Vampire (Leader's Academy, gives Chain Whip)
Inanna (Leader's Academy Revisited, gives Inanna Whip)
Crystal Dragon (Castle Eternia, gives Eternal Crown)
Black Archon (Castle Eternia revisited, gives Timeless Key)
Captain Zod (Transport Ship, gives Portal Stone)
King of Grey Ash (Transport Ship Revisited, gives Ash Rod)
Myrrh (Cracks of Time, final boss)

Expected Dungeon Flow
Joker's Tomb
Transport Ship
Relic Dungeon
Castle Eternia
Relic Dungeon Revisited
Transport Ship Revisited
Castle Eternia Revisited
Cracks of Time
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