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His lack of knowledge of the world around him didnít stop him from finding out more about it. He knew he wasnít home, but home was where he belonged. And thatís where his adventure began.

Susojos: I remember when Monterey first came through my front door. He was lost and confused, especially since Iím a talking eyeball, which he had never seen before, and didnít really know what to think. Even though I didnít have a heart, it wouldíve gone out to him if I did. The poor penguin didnít know what to do. Thatís when I gave him the idea to mail himself back home. Of course, he paid back my good conscience by robbing me of the ice cubes I had waiting for me in the freezer. But I forgave him anyway.

After receiving some sound advice, Monterey Penguin set off to collect enough stamps to mail himself back home. And nothing was going to stop him from reaching his goal.

Monterey: It couldnít have been more than ten minutes after I landed that the post office guy told me that there was an extreme shortage of stamps. Ten minutes. I was doomed to suffer this unbearable climate indefinitely.

Fortunately, Montereyís past as an ice transporter gave him the type of physique and endurance he needed to survive the adventure ahead of him. He would become the master of his own circumstances.

Super Cucumber: I thought he was a pudgy, underdeveloped weakling. Sure, he had feet, which is definitely a step up from anything I could ever dream to have, even though weíre living in the Age of Prosthetics. But, he was not Mister Adventurous. He was Mister "I wanna go home, I wanna go home." Donít get me wrong, I liked the birdís company because being a cucumber and all, I never had a lot of it. But, he was just so whiny, and true heroes are never whiny.


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