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I'm sad to say this is the last update Operation: OHR will see. The gamelist is gone (Edit: I think it is working now, actually), but never fear, as there is a backup plan in motion being worked on by Chaos Nyte, myself, and a few other people you probably don't know. All the reviews on the site will be available in the site's archives and I'll add what's left in the inbox, then I will delete the e-mail operationohr@yahoo.com. Before I announce the new content in this update, let me say some farewells to some special people who helped make this site what it is (or was):

  • Cody Watts - You started this site. You gave it life. And although you wanted it shut down when you left, I personally must say its a damn good thing it wasn't shut down. This site has become one of the biggest OHR sites ever (I daresay its bigger than the old RPG Online). Also, you scripted the gamelist. And without that this site would have been just an ordinary OHR news site. I don't think I could say some farewells without mentioning you.
  • Tarot Master - When Cody left this site in your hands, it grew immensely, as you updated the site weekly and brought in more content than before. Good to see you back on the boards.
  • Moogle1 - Although your time here was short, you tried to keep this site alive and you succeeded. Then you left. :( Here's hoping (or praying for the religious types) that you make a return!
  • Pepsi Ranger - You were the most prolific writer known to Operation: OHR. Your reviews were stunning. Your articles, magnificent. And of course everyone got a good kick out of reading Behind the Epic. Now, write for the new site, dammit! :)
  • Chaos Nyte - Most people can't stand you. They said your reviews were terrible. They bashed newbies (and they did). But at the same time, I personally felt your reviews did get the point across and explained things rather well. You were probably the secondary lifeblood of this site behind Pepsi Ranger, having written reviews for many otherwise unreviewed games. Also, you're helping with the new site, which is another plus in my book. Thanks for helping out!
  • Anyone else who contributed - Thank you. Thank you very much. You made Operation: OHR 170 megs zipped (it took over four hours to upload to this new location on broadband, people). The work will remain on the site; if you want to contribute new stuff, contribute it to the new site.
Well, with that out of the way, here is the content of the final update:
  • Two reviews of Resistance, by CN and Jeffrey-Yo (Multiple Colored Mage, I'm guessing?)
  • A review of Wingedmene, one of my favorite OHR games, by Jeff again.
  • A couple of reviews for Soulfire, by Devin and CN.
  • And finally, we end the update with a severe bashing session by CN with his review of Kidworld. This one is not for the feint of heart.
What more is there to say? Visit the new site! If you're not sure what the new site is yet (you should be able to figure it out from the link to this archive), then I'll post on the Zantetsuken OHR Board later, when its ready to go. If you have any questions about anything, do not hesitate to e-mail me at aethereal@NOSPAMcp-games.org. Just be sure to take out the NOSPAM part, or you'll have problems...^_^. I will give a last "farewell" as I walk out the door...

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