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I Made Dis

  By: Gilbert
Homepage: None
Download: 169 KB

Reviewed by: Uncommon

  Well, before I endeavor into this review, I want to point out that this game was made for the 48 hour contest, and was submitted early. So if you disagree with my review of it, please note that it WAS made in under 48 hours.

  So, where do I start? Let me begin with story. This game hosts no real plot, but the plot it has is somewhat Arfenhouse-quality, except better. It starts you off with a little intro with Batman, which seems to parodize the Dark Avenger. This seemed a bit ignominous to my household, and I was the only one who liked it. Afterwards, it puts you as Elvis, blasting zombies. Of course, this is all for no apparent reason, but it was still fun.

  Next, we go to music. This game hosts music from various artist, including The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and George S. Clinton. Of course, it also holds the great Adam West Batman Theme in it's grasp! Behold the power! Anyway, all of the music seems well placed 'n stuff.

  Now, for gameplay, which was both disappointing, and excellent. First, the atrocity. This game is far too easy, for Elvis can kill any enemy in ONE HIT. Also, battles are quite frequent. And the beauty, whenever Elvis uses his 'Blamo Huh?' or 'Summon Costello' attacks, blue guitar-playing guys come out! It's hilarious! And summoning Buddy Holly is always great fun!

  Ah, now for graphics. This is truly where Gilbert shines. I absolutley LOVE the walkabout for Batman! It was true excellence! All of the graphics were absolutely wonderful! And then there were the cutscenes! Gilbert is truly a master in this field.

  Well, for such a game, you must be wondering... "If Uncommon says it's such a great game, what am I wasting my time reading this for?! I should go play that game!" And then there are others... "I've played that game, and it wasn't anywhere near as good as you say! You're a liar, Uncommon! Your opinion sucks!" And to those I say this, that may be YOUR opinion, but this is mine, and I will defend it if you are foolhardy enough to try to take it from me. I know where you live, and my Nodachi is waiting... :P I am only joking, my friends, you may drop your malicious looks.

  Now, as for the future of this game, I hear from Gilbert that he is planning a sequel. 'I Made Dis, Too' would supposedly feature "blues legend Robert Johnson in one big conversation betwixt him and the devil about the specifics of soul selling. And then you take control of Elvis as he fights vampires". By the way, that came straight from Gilbert, himself, so I consider it truth.

  Well, what are you waiting for? Go play the game!

Graphics: Absolute excellence. The only reason this isn't a ten, is because of the paper backings on all the cutscenes. Ok, I thought that excuse up just now. The real reason is because I don't give out tens.
Music: All excellent, and excellently placed. Just a small mark-down for ripping.
Storyline: Well, the humor was great, buit I had a couple of mark-downs here. First, is the parodizing of Batman, for I live in a house where he is revered. Second, is lack of plot, but the game did fine without it.
Gameplay: Had to bring this down for lack of difficulty...
Overall (Not an average score): I give this a much-deserved 9.5, for even though it had some problems, I wouldn't change a thing.
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